Need Help With Your Local Furniture Deliveries?

Hire local movers in Maylene, AL

Elite Moving Co, LLC is proud to offer local commercial business partnerships. We’re partnering with furniture stores in our community to help them deliver large or heavy items to their customers. If you don’t have the staff or trucks to deliver your items, count on our crew to do it for you.

We’re based in Bessemer, AL, but we serve the surrounding areas, including Helena, Maylene, and Alabaster.

We’ll do the heavy lifting

We’ll do the heavy lifting

If you sell big-ticket items, you need someone to deliver them. Call on Elite Moving Co in Bessemer, AL. Our movers can move anything, including:

  • Furniture
  • Pool tables
  • Pianos
  • Furniture sets
  • Appliances

We’ll come to your store to pick up the items and deliver them to your customers. We always make deliveries on-schedule, so you can maintain your company’s reputation for prompt and professional service.

Contact Elite Moving Co today to speak with a member of our staff about moving services for your business.