Don't Overheat During Your Move This Summer

Did you know that the first day of summer was just a few weeks away? With summer just around the corner we are in peak moving season. Most families prefer to move during the summertime because it is most ideal for kids. However, moving during the summer time does present a few challenges- like the Alabama heat!

Our local Alabama moving company has a few tips for you to consider with your move this summer. Remember that we are a local moving company that provides both long distance and local moving services across the area. If you need the extra help with your next move then contact our office today to get a FREE moving quote.


Moving Tips:

  1. Start early- the earlier you can start your move, the better. The temperature will be cooler in the morning and UV rays will also be lower.
  2. Wear light color clothing- stick to light color clothing such as white or light grey. Also, be sure to wear lightweight and breathable fabric to help stay cool.
  3. Stay hydrated- bring enough water for everyone that is involved in your move to have at least one water bottle per hour.
  4. Wear sunscreen- even if you start your move early in the moving you can still be at risk for sunburn. Be sure to wear at least SPF 45.
  5. Hire a professional moving company- a moving company can help you with as much or as little as you’d like. By hiring a moving company they can at least move heavy furniture, appliances, ect.